KOZWaves 2022: draft schedule

27 Jan 2022

Dear Presenters and Committee members,

As you will be aware, WA will not reopen its borders as scheduled, so that KOZWaves will now be run in virtual mode on Microsoft Teams (hosted in WA, where those already in WA can gather).

Please see a draft conference schedule here: https://kozwaves.github.io/KOZWaves2022/index.html

We have tried to schedule presentations at sensible times for everyone, while retaining as coherent a structure as possible, but if there is a big issue with the time of your talk please let us know as soon as you can. A final schedule, list of abstracts and instructions for joining and participating in the virtual conference will be distributed next week.

Thanks for your support – we very much look forward to the conference,

Hugh Wolgamot

Wenhua Zhao

KOZWaves 2022 organisers