KOZWaves 2022: Draft program

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Posted: Friday 28th January 2022

All times are local (Perth, WA). SA +2.5h; NSW +3h; NZ +5h; UK -8h; Moscow -5h; New York -13h

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Wednesday 9th Feb

Session Chair Alessandro Toffoli
0700 Eric Vanden Eijnden Rogue waves and large deviations
0800 Yuchen He Extreme wave statistics near reflective beach installations
0820 Thobani Hlophe A novel method for phase‐resolved wave prediction in weakly spread seas
0840 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Stuart Hawkins
0930 Elena Vinogradova Full-Wave Analysis of a Spherical Acoustic Lens Reflector
0950 Yan Kei Chiang Acoustic Metagratings for Wavefront Manipulation
1010 Andrew Hall Using surface variations to improve the sound transmission loss by shifting the coincidence region
1030 Alex Skvortsov Scattering by an object in a tube and acoustic meta-materials
1050 Marie Graff Low-rank representation of omnidirectional subsurface extended image volumes
1110 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Ann Roberts
1200 Jacqui Romero Slow(er) light in free space
1300 Neuton Li Optical frequency conversion with topology optimised nanostructures
1320 David Powell Achromatic meta‐optics for microwaves and millimetre waves
1340 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Amin Chabchoub
1430 Joel Feldmeier US Office of Naval Research Global
1450 Will Lee An experimental study of coherent structures in turbulent flows over waves
1510 Kemeng Xi Validation of overset mesh technique on roll damping of ships side-by-side
1530 Wenhua Zhao TBA
1550 Giulio Passerotti Interactions between irregular wave fields and sea ice: A physical model for wave attenuation and ice break up
1610 Alberto Alberello A dissipative Nonlinear Schrödinger model for wave propagation in sea ice
1630 Breakout rooms

Thursday 10th Feb

Session Chair Vladislav Sorokin
0700 Sinniah Ilanko Exact, Approximate and Bounded Analytical Solutions for Vibrations of Continuous Systems
0800 Moein Abdi Effect of multiple incident waves on the reflection coefficient in an Euler-Bernoulli beam with a nonlinear boundary stiffness
0820 Ali Karrech Mechanical waves in hydraulically expanded solid tubes
0840 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Mike Meylan
0930 Elie Dumas-Lefebvre Aerial observation of sea ice breakup
0950 Nicolas Mokus Modelling the wave‐induced fragmentation of the ice cover
1010 Jordan Pitt Model predictions of overwash extent into the marginal ice zone
1030 Fabien Montiel Physical drivers of ocean wave attenuation in the marginal ice zone
1050 Marzieh Derkani The challenge of modelling waves in the Southern Ocean
1110 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Hugh Wolgamot
1200 David Blair Gravitational waves: the ultimate in wave science
1300 Erdinc Saygin Longterm measurements of Earth’s Wavefield with Buried Telecommunication Fibre Cables
1340 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Ross McPhedran
1430 Joshua Tshuma Membrane-coupled Helmholtz resonators for mass-air-mass resonance suppression
1450 Yury Stepanyants Peculiarities of two-dimensional soliton interactions
1510 Luke Bennetts Rayleigh-Bloch waves above the cut-off
1530 Michael Smith Asymptotics of Helmholtz resonator arrays
1550 Oleg Motygin Structures trapping 2D waves in a two-layer fluid covered by brash ice
1610 Artur Gower Ultrasonic measurements without material constants
1630 Breakout rooms

Friday 11th Feb

Session Chair Fabien Montiel
0700 Karin Bryan Wave theory and planning for coastal adaptation
0800 Alessandro Toffoli Can data assimilation improve the performance of a global wave prediction model in the Southern Ocean?
0820 Jeff Hansen Improvements to operational wave forecasting using Machine Learning
0840 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair David Powell
0930 Ken Golden Order to disorder in quasiperiodic composites
0950 Nusrat Alim Color Generation with All-Dielectric Asymmetric Metasurface
1010 Ann Roberts Phase contrast imaging with nanophotonic devices
1030 Stuart Hawkins Error estimates for the approximation of radiating waves in the near field
1050 C. Martijn de Sterke Solitons with multiple frequency components and enhanced nonlinear effects
1110 Breakout rooms and coffee break
Session Chair Wenhua Zhao
1200 Ben Wilks Graded arrays of vertical barriers: rainbow reflection and broadband energy absorption
1220 Swapnadip De Chowdhury Computation of complex resonances in non-symmetric arrays of floating cylinders using a homotopy method
1240 Hao Chen Viscous effects on the added mass and damping forces during free heave decay of a vertical truncated cylinder
1300 Scott Draper Open Water Swimming in Rough Seas
1320 Zeng Liu Recent progress on finite amplitude steady‐state resonant water waves
1340 Mike Meylan Tsunami waves
1400 Close
1410 Breakout rooms and coffee break