KOZWavinar #1: Reminder

06 Jun 2022

Dear All,

This is a reminder for tomorrow’s (Tuesday 7th June) first set of online seminars for the KOZWaves community (KOZWavinar) starting at 1300 (Sydney), 1500 (NZ) and 1200 (Japan).

We will have three 30-minute talks (25-minutes presentation + 5-minutes questions):

Ross McPhedran, University of Sydney The Kronig-Penney Model: Applications to Wave Scattering

Ludmila Adam, University of Auckland Sensing for changes in the Earth with waves

Hidetaka Houtani, University of Tokyo On the crest height amplification of unstable Stokes wave trains in deep water

followed by a 30-minute discussion session, where you will be able to choose and join each speaker in their designated break-out room.

To attend, please use the following Zoom meeting link (complete details at the end of this email):


From the organisers, Marie Graff, Amin Chabchoub and Luke Bennetts